New York City Scaffolding Accident Lawyer

A New York City scaffolding accident lawyer can achieve the proper settlement, for an injury caused due to a scaffolding mishap. There are over 500,000 construction accidents that happen every year. One out of every five accidents involves a scaffold. Because of this, OSHA lists standards and guidelines for scaffolding. However, construction companies and managers often ignore these rules. So, if you do not follow these rules simply for the reason that it makes your work cost more, or take longer, you are responsible for the accidents that result.

A scaffolding accident lawyer can help to determine the cause of the accident. But, accidents are caused by a myriad of factors, including defective equipment, improper construction, lack of safety features, or negligence.

What Are The Different Types Of Scaffolding Accidents?

There are different types of scaffolding accidents that are common to most construction workers. However, your New York City scaffolding accident lawyer will be able to assist with your case, and help put together the best defense possible.

Scaffold Construction accidents

Falls. Scaffolds are elevated platforms used for construction. Therefore, scaffolds must have proper fall protection. This includes guardrails. Guardrails prevent workers from falling off a scaffold.

SCaffold collapse construction accident

Collapses. A scaffolding structure that is not properly installed or supported may collapse. Consequently, scaffolds must be built carefully. All of the workers on the scaffold platform are at risk of falling with a collapsing scaffold platform. For example, a collapse may occur if the workers and equipment exceed the weight limit of the scaffold. So, workers must follow OSHA rules when building scaffolds.

Falling objects in construction sites

Falling Objects. Objects are often dropped from scaffolds. Likewise, items can also fall onto the platform and cause all of the workers on the scaffold platform to fall with them. On the other hand, construction debris is common at job sites. As a result, debris makes up a large percentage of falling objects.

Electrocution hazard in constuction

Electrocution. This is a particular risk if there are overhead wires near the scaffolding. Unprotected wiring causes electrocution. Fainting is also common. If a worker faints on top of a scaffold because of electrocution, he is at risk of falling.

How To Prevent Scaffolding Accidents

All employers should be responsible enough to comply with all local, state, and federal regulations to prevent scaffolding accidents. Employers should take steps to always:


  • Provide a canopy or net to catch items that fall from the scaffolding structure. In other words, protecting individuals below the scaffolding is critical.
  • Use guardrails. These rails help protect individuals from falling off the structure.
  • Use the proper fall-arrest system
  • Respect weight limits of scaffolding, and not load too much equipment, or too many people onto the platform.
  • Barricade off an area under the scaffold.


Most scaffold accidents occur on scaffolds that lack proper guardrails. Often, contractors think they can get away with putting guardrails on only one or two sides of the work platform. But of course, this is not enough. Certainly, because of the nature of work on scaffolds, all sides need to be protected. Scaffolds are only truly useful if workers can safely use all parts of the work platform.

All employers should have knowledge of regular safety checks, to make sure that all standards of the OSHA safety requirements are met. When they do not, scaffolding accident lawyers often have to step in.

What to Do After a Scaffold Accident

After an accident, seek immediate medical attention. Secondly, it is important to obtain all the evidence from the scene of the accident. For instance, it is paramount to photograph the accident location and equipment used. Thirdly, the next step should be reporting the accident to the construction company and property owner. Most Importantly, you should then consult with an experienced attorney.

Using the proper equipment is important in preventing an accident. In addition, it is also important to install and place the equipment in safe locations. It is crucial that the person building the scaffold is properly trained.

A construction worker deals with many potential dangers on a daily basis. The construction field has become increasingly dangerous. This is especially true in New York. In New York, workers frequently work at great heights. Therefore, workers need scaffolds for this work. Most scaffold accidents are preventable. However, developers and contractors ignore the rules when they want to get work done faster. A lawyer who is deeply familiar with the state’s Labor Laws will be able to determine which party is truly responsible for this. An aggressive New York City scaffolding accident lawyer will be able to obtain the best compensation for your incident.

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