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Category: Personal Injury

What Is Comparative Negligence in New York
Personal Injury

What Is Comparative Negligence in
New York?

Personal injury cases can be complex when it comes to fault. Thankfully, the State of New York approaches the issue pragmatically. Fault can range in percentages between two or more parties. Depending on the circumstances and prior notice, you can seek compensation for your injuries. Learn how the law works and how to best use it.

Why Loss of Relationships After an Accident Is Eligible for Compensation
Personal Injury

What Is the Loss of Consortium?

Loss of consortium occurs when an injury victim can no longer give their spouse the love, support, or intimate relations they once did before an accident. Learn how this factors in to compensation options in a personal injury case.

Orthopedic injury lawyer video
Personal Injury

Orthopedic Injuries Lawyer

If you suffer orthopedic injuries, you need a lawyer who will get you the compensation you deserved. All types of accidents, including construction, motor vehicle, or premises accidents can cause severe, life-changing orthopedic injuries.

Eye injury lawyer nyc
Personal Injury

Eye Injury Lawyer

If you sustain an eye injury while at work, you need to find an experienced lawyer. Eye injury lawsuits are not as common as other work injury lawsuits. Because of this, it is important that you find an attorney with experience with these cases.