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Why Is I-87 in Rockland in the Top Five Dangerous Roads in New York
Car Accidents

Why Is I-87 in Rockland in the Top Five Dangerous Roads in New York?

It may not be a cliff hanger in the middle of the rocky mountains, but I-87 pulls its punch when it comes to danger. Perhaps a hazard in disguise, the Interstate has on the highest levels of congestion and traffic volume in the state. As with any commuter highway, stop-and-go accidents can rack up quite significantly year by year.

What Is Comparative Negligence in New York
Personal Injury

What Is Comparative Negligence in
New York?

Personal injury cases can be complex when it comes to fault. Thankfully, the State of New York approaches the issue pragmatically. Fault can range in percentages between two or more parties. Depending on the circumstances and prior notice, you can seek compensation for your injuries. Learn how the law works and how to best use it.

Why does Queens have a high number of bus-to-car collisions
Car Accidents

Why Does Queens Have a High Number of Bus-to-Car Collisions?

Queens has a high portion of buses driving through its roads relative to its neighboring boroughs. The mixture of buses, cars, bicycles, and pedestrians heightens the risk of dangerous accidents waiting to happen. Find out what causes bus accidents and why Queens is such a hot spot for them.