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Wilinski V 334 E. 92ND Hous. Dev. Fund Corp.

Larger Cash Settlements Now Awarded to Construction Workers

Injured by Falling Objects

When deciding on a personal injury law firm, you won’t find many that have actually changed the course of the law in New York for construction workers. The Platta Law Firm, PLLC did just that. In 2011, our firm litigated a case called Wilinski v. 334 E. 92nd Hous. Dev. Fund. Corp., before the state’s highest court, which led to a significant change in the law and added further protections to workers. That change involved judicial recognition that an existing labor law—informally known as the “Scaffold Law”—now applies to falling objects, which stand at the same level as the injured worker.

In the landmark Wilinski case, two metal plumbing pipes fell and hit Mr. Wilinski while the ceiling and floor were being demolished. The metal pipes stood at about 10 feet and fell at least four feet before striking our client. The court ruled that the “Scaffold Law” applied since Mr. Wilinski suffered harm that was directly caused by the force of the falling pipes. As a result of the expansion of the law—brought about by our success in this case—construction workers who in the past would have been denied compensation for their injuries from falling objects are now able to get the money they need to pay their medical bills and support their families. The commitment of our skilled and dedicated attorneys in the Wilinski case not only helped our client receive a large cash settlement, but marked a major victory for construction workers across New York State.

While we’ve changed the law when it comes to falling pipes and other objects, we represent all kinds of injured people. Our personal injury law firm takes particular pride in helping the hardworking men and women in New York City’s construction industry receive the high cash settlements they deserve from their accident. Call (212) 514-5100 24/7 for a FREE consultation.