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Pedestrian Accident Law Firm

Home » Car Accidents » Pedestrian Accident Law Firm
Pedestrians accidents lawyer

A Pedestrian accident attorney in New York will fight for your justice if you are struck by a vehicle. These types of accidents can be devastating or even fatal. Pedestrians comprise about 12 percent of all traffic fatalities. In 2009, driver inattention was around 36% percent of crashes. The failure of a driver to yield to pedestrians was cited in 27% of fatal pedestrian. The vehicle speed can play a major role in the severity of injuries in a crash with a pedestrian. 95% of pedestrians will survive a collision with a vehicle traveling 20 mpg or slower. Survivability falls to 60% if the car is traveling 30 mph. At any speed, a human is no match for a car, truck, or bus.

A pedestrian accident law firm will know from experience, what injury you may have and if your claim is viable. The most common injuries from a pedestrian knockdown accident would include head trauma, neck injuries, bone fractures, ligament and knee injuries. There are some ways to help prevent yourself from an injury. You should cross streets at crosswalks or intersections whenever possible. Your choice of clothing can be very important such as reflective material if you are walking at night. Walk on a sidewalk if one is available, if not, you should walk on the shoulder and face traffic.


The biggest reason there are pedestrian accidents is due to cellphone use

The biggest reason there are pedestrian accidents is due to cellphone use. Texting and cell phone use while driving are on the rise in the most recent years. There are roughly 660,000 drivers using cell phones at any moment while driving. That is in the United States, alone.

If you read a text for 5 seconds going 55 mph, that is driving the length of a football field with your eyes closed.

With thousands of deaths attributed to distracted driving each year, more and more states are legislating texting and other cell phone usage bans. For those harmed by distracted drivers, these laws may work in your favor. If you have a serious injury as a pedestrian, you should contact us immediately. Accidents such as this require immediate investigation to locate witnesses, obtain videos of the accident before there is misplacement, and to identify all of the possible parties at fault.