Mobile Scaffold Accidents

Mobile Scaffold accidents

Mobile scaffold accidents can be hard to avoid because these types of scaffolds are an essential device for workers who need to easily move throughout the inside of a building.  They are often used for work such as painting, plastering or installing sheetrock.  However, when these scaffolds are not assembled correctly, especially by people who lack proper training, terrible accidents can happen.  At the Platta Law Firm, our attorneys have dedicated years to attain the best results for workers who are injured while standing on a mobile scaffold.  The case below is one of our success stories.

The Mobile Scaffold Accident Case

One of our clients was injured in a mobile scaffold accident.  On March 16, 2017, our client was working as a carpenter at a building under construction.  This was one of his very first days on the project.  Since he was new to the company, our client had to follow any instructions he received from his coworker.  That day, he was told to work on building the interior walls.

 To do his work, our client’s boss told him and his coworker to use a mobile scaffold.  The scaffold could be taken apart and rebuilt, depending on the height needed to work on the wall.  Our client’s coworker taught him how to assemble and take it apart.  He never assembled a mobile scaffold before staring his work for the company.  The scaffold had a wooden platform that rested on top of the frame.  The platform was secured with safety bolts which was a piece of metal that went through the scaffold’s brace.

Problems with the Assembly of Mobile Scaffolds

Before our client’s accident, he and his coworker raised the mobile scaffold’s platform to 6-7 feet above the ground.  Our client adjusted one side and his coworker adjusted the other.  Each of them inserted the safety bolt into the side they were working on.  Because of difficulties getting the safety bolt into his side of the scaffold, our client was required to use a hammer.  After they finished assembling and inspecting the scaffold, our client climbed up and stood on one corner of the scaffold platform.  When he reached the platform, the safety bolt came out of the scaffold, causing the frame to separate.  As a result, the client fell from the platform. To prevent himself from hitting the floor, he grabbed on the scaffold frame and remained there until his coworkers brought him down to the ground.

The Mobile Scaffold Accident Injuries

The fall caused injuries to the client’s back, right knee and right hip.  After the accident he had surgery to those areas of his body.  The lower back injury was an aggravation of a pre-existing injury.  This means he had long-term injuries to his lower back that existed for years before his accident.  However, we were able to show that the accident caused his back injuries to worsen. 

We hired an expert to evaluate the amount of money he will lose since he could not work.  This expert is called an economist.  This expert shows what union benefits and wages the client will lose over the course of his life. We also hired an expert to explain how much money he would need for future medical care. This is called a life care planner. After hiring these experts, we prepared his case for trial.

Settlement Results

After the attorneys finished getting all necessary evidence and information, our firm prepared the case for trial.  When we prepare for trial, an important part of our case is asking the court to say the building owner was entirely responsible for our client’s injuries.   When a worker falls from a scaffold, the law can find a building owner or general contractor responsible for any injuries that result from the fall.  The court agreed with us.  We proved the building owner violated the law since our client fell from a scaffold with a broken safety bolt.  

We also proved our client’s coworker was at fault for failing to inspect the scaffold before he climbed up on it.  After the court said the building owner was at fault for our client’s injuries, while we prepared for trial, the case first went to mediation. A mediation is when the parties get together with a neutral person to see if they can settle the case. In this case, we showed the mediator why the building owner was at fault for our client’s injuries.  

We also proved that even though he had a long-term back injury, it worsened after the accident. After much negotiation, we were able to settle the case for $3,000,000 for this injured construction worker. Results like this are not something every attorney representing workers with a mobile scaffold accident can obtain.  If you want this kind of preparation, dedication and hard work, contact our attorneys at the Platta Law Firm.

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