Manhattan Car Accident Lawyer

Manhattan car accident lawyer

When looking for a Manhattan Car Accident Lawyer it is important to understand what you should expect to encounter during your case. You will need money for lost wages and medical expenses to keep you afloat if you are unable to work.  You will also need an attorney which knows how to plan for your future. 

No-Fault Insurance

Your Manhattan Car Accident Lawyer should definitely help you with your no-fault insurance.  No-fault insurance is mandatory.  If you are in a car accident, the no-fault insurance which will pay for your expenses is generally the insurance covering the vehicle you are in.  We will often get the question: Why is my insurance paying if the accident is not my fault?  The reason is so that you can get treatment and wages right away.  Any recovery for your pain and suffering as well as additional economic loss will come from the defendant.

Your Manhattan Car Accident Lawyer Should File Your Application

The first thing that your Manhattan Car Accident Lawyer should do concerning no-fault is to file a no-fault application.  Your lawyer must do this in 30 days. If not done in 30 days, your claim is denied. Therefore, your attorney must act swiftly. Once you file the application, it is important that you and your Manhattan Car Accident Lawyer notify your medical providers.  Once done, your providers should only bill to your no-fault carrier. 

What Are Your Benefit Limits

Your benefits can run out in two basic ways.  The first way is that they exhaust.  If you exhausted your no-fault that means that you reached your limit.  Generally, the limit on basic no-fault coverage is $50,000.  This can often stretch longer than you might think because no-fault rates are reduced.  However, if you do reach $50,000 in expenses and wage payments, you will be cut off if you do not have any further coverage. 

The second way is through an insurance physical.  Your insurance company will send you for physicals. Any good Manhattan Car Accident Lawyer will tell you that these doctors are paid by the insurance company to try to limit their costs.  Therefore, they often will find against you.  This means that the insurance doctors will try to minimize your injuries and your treatment.  If this happens, your doctors should arbitrate the decision.  By arbitrating the decision, they can have an independent person decide whether treatment can continue, instead of the insurance company making the decision on their own.

Advice From A Manhattan Car Accident Lawyer

The best advice you can get from any Manhattan Car Accident Lawyer is to increase your coverage before the accident.  In New York, you are able to increase your no-fault coverage by buying additional protection.  If at all possible, we suggest that you increase this coverage so that you can be protected as possible in the event of the accident. 

Plans For Your Future

In addition to your no-fault benefits, your lawyer should help you plan for your future in your case.  In a car accident, you are entitled to past lost wages, future lost wages, past medical expenses, future medical expenses as well as pain and suffering. While this is accomplished in a number of ways the basics all start with your no-fault coverage.  By contacting and retaining a Manhattan Car Accident Lawyer who focuses on the basics, your future can be secured.

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