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A Brooklyn car accident lawyer from The Platta Law Firm will work your Brooklyn car accident case with just one goal in mind: get you the maximum compensation you deserve. Sometimes after a car accident, the injured parties wonder whether they can negotiate with the insurance company without hiring a lawyer. However, it is a fact that when individuals file insurance claims by themselves, they have to deal with a claims adjuster from the “at fault” insurance company, whose only job is to offer them very little compensation for the accident. This is why having an experienced car accident lawyer on your side is so important. We believe that innocent car accident victims should not carry the burden of debt as a result of an accident they are not at fault at all. At The Platta Law Firm, our dedicated Brooklyn car accident attorneys will work to document all your injuries and losses, they will gather all evidences related to the accident, and they will demand the best possible compensation for your claim.

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What kind of Compensation should a Brooklyn Car Accident Lawyer pursue?

The right Brooklyn car accident lawyer will pursue payments for more than just vehicle damages. He should claim any current medical bills related to the accident. He should also take into consideration all future medical costs, procedures, and any “in home” care if needed. The right car accident lawyer should also include lost wages in the claim, if you are not able to work. The damages that your vehicle sustained should be discussed along with pain and suffering. At The Platta Law Firm our lawyers will aggressively push and negotiate the maximum compensation you deserve.

Common Reasons For Car Accidents

  • A Distracted Driver: This is a very common cause of car accidents. This is especially so with increases in technology. Nowadays, everyone is either on their smart phone or using a gadget. This type of car accidents can be deadly when the speed factor is involved. If drivers are unable to react to a sudden change on the road, the result can be fatal in many cases.
  • A Defective Vehicle: A manufacturer may have made an error in producing the vehicle you are operating. This can be problematic for you and others around you in that your vehicle can randomly malfunction.

Can My Brooklyn Car Accident Attorney Explain How No-Fault Insurance Works

New York adheres to no-fault insurance. This means that accident victims must turn to their own insurance company to recover damages. Your Brooklyn car accident lawyer can explain how a no-fault system differs from a fault based insurance system. In the latter, victims recover from the at-fault party’s insurer rather than their own. The no-fault system can be very beneficial. Knowing how it works can make sure you maximize your benefits.

Benefits of New York No-fault insurance systems

  1. You can recover damages regardless of fault
  2. It reduces burden of personal injury lawsuits on the local courts. This allows you to receive your benefits faster than you would be able to in a typical car settlement.

New York No Fault Insurance Law requires all drivers carry at least $50,000 in personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. This helps to cover their expenses in case of an accident. This is because when you sustain an injury, your PIP insurance will cover up to $50K of each person’s economic damages. Your Brooklyn car accident lawyer can explain that this includes medical / health expenses, lost earning, and certain other injury related costs.

How Can My Brooklyn Car Accident Attorney Maximize My Claim

Many victims do not fully know their rights under New York Insurance laws. They are also not aware of all of the damages to which they are actually entitled to. Your best bet for maximizing your car accident compensation is to consult an experienced Brooklyn car accident lawyer. You can discuss a plan of action to get the highest award. Most likely this will involve getting experts in your case. Experts in a car accident include doctor and economic experts. The economic experts help quantify the money and benefits you lost as a result of the accident.

Types of Car Accidents:

A Brooklyn car accident lawyer knows that car crashes may occur in many ways and for many reasons. One most common accident is a rear end collision. A rear end collision is also one of the most frequent accidents that cause whiplash. It is a serious neck injury when the car rocks forward and a victims neck snaps backwards very rapidly. Distracted driving, stopping short, and driving under the influence can all be causes of rear end collisions.

Head on Collisions:

First, a head on collision is where a vehicle collides head on with another vehicle. These crashes can be more fatal than a rear end collision. You may lose control in a curve, due to speeding, impairment or inexperience. A vehicle heading the wrong way can be a very dangerous situation on the road as well.

Side Impact Collisions:

A side impact collision involves a T-bone crash. This is where a vehicle hits you head first on the side of your vehicle. If a car runs a red light, this type of accident can be something that someone will go through. A sideswipe is when two cars come into contact into a collision. If one vehicle in a sideswipe is larger or faster, it may force the impacted vehicle off the road. If you are involve yourself in a rollover accident, there could be excessively strong impact or loss of control in a curve or sharp incline. Finally, cars that are high up such as a commercial truck, or an SUV are more prone to a rollover accident.


In conclusion, the variety of cases means that you need to contact the right Brooklyn car accident lawyer. If you get the right one, they will allow you to get the proper recovery. It is important to have a lawyer who will fight for your benefits and your rights.

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Disclaimer: The information on this website has been written by The Platta Law Firm, and it is intended for informational purposes only. This website contains details on legal issues, but this does not constitute legal advice.

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