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When you are looking for a car accident lawyer, you need a law firm that can guide you through the litigation process. The actions taken after being involved in a car accident will make all the difference in both your health and the result of your case. Knowing exactly what to do after a car accident is the key to a successfull compensation for your injuries.


The answer to this question is both yes and no. The first thing that a car injury lawyer will tell you is that you should always call the police. It is very important to make sure that the accident is documented and that you explain to the police that the accident was not your fault. After that, we, as your car injury attorneys will track down any witnesses to the accident. Any good car accident lawyer understands how important it is to perform a thorough investigation. Private investigators should be sent out right away to take photographs and to obtain any possible video footage. As for you, after speaking to the police it is important to get medical care.

The police should provide an ambulance which will take you to the nearest hospital. As an auto accident firm, we have seen many injuries get worse over time. That is why it is important to go to the doctor, even if you do not think that you are seriously injured at the time. Unfortunately, car accidents can often cause injuries that might not be readily noticeable. The adrenaline after a crash can mask symptoms of a much larger problem. That is why every New York car accident lawyer will tell you to get treatment right away.  Once you have spoken to the police and received emergency medical care, you should call our attorney for a free car accident consultation.

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Many people put off going to the doctor after a car accident because they do not know how they will pay for the medical bills. Never do this – your car accident law firm should be able to help you with those bills. Here at the Platta Law Firm, we make sure that your No-fault paperwork is filled out and then properly submitted.  Attention to detail is one of many things that makes our firm one of the top car accident attorneys in the city.

No-fault insurance will pay for the treatment you may need after a car accident. Our lawyer will explain that no-fault will also help you with lost wages and travel expenses. If your current car accident law firm is not willing to help you through the no-fault process, you need to find one that is. Getting the proper treatment is what is most important for your health, and your case. If you are not getting the help you need with this part of your case, call our law firm for a free consultation


Your personal injury case should remind you of a train track.  A train track has two rails, and tracks that connect them every couple feet. Your case also has two rails.  One rail is your medical treatment and how you are feeling day to day.  Your car accident attorney should make sure that you are getting the best medical care possible, so you have the best chance of getting healthy again.  The second rail is legal work.  As top car accident attorneys in New York, we know that our experience and dedication can achieve life-changing results.

What about the tracks?  If one rail is your medical care, and the other is the legal work in your case, the tracks are the communications between you and your attorney. Frequent communication with your car accident lawyer is the key to getting great results.  The lawyer for your car accident should know everything about your treatment and how your injuries have altered your daily life.  In turn, your car injury lawyer should be able to keep you informed about the developments in your case.  Here at The Platta Law Firm, we have used this formula to achieve excellent results.


Throughout its history, The Platta Law Firm has used the approach mentioned above to change the lives of countless clients.   Take for example our client, Barbara Sutor. Barbara was injured in a car accident on February 3, 2014.  She was walking near an intersection in Queens when she was run down by the defendants.  As a result of the accident, she sustained injuries to her lower back as well as left knee surgery. Barbara trusted us to be her car accident lawyers.

The Platta Law Firm stayed in constant communication with her so that we could fully understand her suffering.  We used our legal knowledge to get summary judgment on liability in her case.  This meant that we were able to convince the judge to rule in our favor as to how the accident happened.  The only thing left was to have the jury award her money damages for everything she went through.  We were able to convey this to the jury and they awarded her $780,000.00 in total. During this trial, the insurance attorneys maintained an offer of only $100,000.00 – we explained to our client that she will get much more from the jury.


While no attorney can guarantee results, the methods outlined above have resulted in hundreds of satisfied clients.  The Platta Law Firm is a car accident law firm that will put you first and fight for what you deserve. If you have been in a car accident, please contact us today for a free consultation today.

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