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Home » Car Accidents » Finding the Right Attorney After a Car Accident

Finding the Right Attorney After a Car Accident

Home » Car Accidents » Finding the Right Attorney After a Car Accident
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The shear amount of crashes in New York means that finding a car accident attorney in New York City can be daunting.  The key is to pick the right one. The right attorney is knowledgeable, compassionate and willing to fight to get the best recovery. It is likely that you will need a car accident attorney in New York City at some point. This is because the city has a high traffic volume.  The New York City Police Depart Motor Vehicle Collision Report noted in March 2020 alone there were 10,877 car accidents.  That is alarming considering that for the final third of the month, the city was under a stay at home order.

Of those accidents, a total of 3,099 people were listed injured on the police report.  It is notable that this does not encompass all injuries, as many injuries continue to develop well after the accident. Brooklyn tends to have the most car accidents while, predictably, Staten Island has the least. A car accident attorney familiar with these trends in New York City will know how to use them to your advantage.

The Best Approach to Your Case

Inevitably, many of these accidents and injuries lead to lawsuits.  While some believe that there are too many lawsuits, its a symptom current system.  In our system, the insurance company is supposed to fully compensate an injured party for what they may have lost.  However, the way that an insurance company makes money is by collecting as much as possible in premiums. Then they pay out as little as possible.  Insurance companies also want to hold on to their money as long as possible.  Why?   Because the other main way an insurance company makes money is by taking premiums and investing them.

This is why a car accident attorney in New York City may have to file a lawsuit for you. Insurance companies have incentive to hold onto your money for as long as possible while paying as little as possible.  How then are you able to get a fair settlement or trial verdict?  You often have to take it by hiring the right person.

Car Accident Attorneys in New York City and Medicine


It is important that your attorney know significant amount about medicine as well.  Let me be clear, your attorney is not your doctor.  All medical advice that you get should come from your doctor.

However, good car accident attorneys in New York City have a working knowledge of the medicine involved in the most common injuries from motor vehicle crashes.

The difference between a car accident attorney in New York City with knowledge of medicine is important on two levels. First, an attorney must be able to properly speak to the jury,. That means speaking in terms that are easily understandable. They must easily describe the severity of your injuries as well as the pain and limitations that your injuries cause.

By taking the jury inside your life, it can give them a full picture of your suffering.  It is only after the jury understands your suffering that they can properly award you money. There is more to your case than just the trial. In some cases your injury must meet certain criteria before you can recover anything at all.  If your attorney does not understand the intricacies of medicine, he or she can not apply them to the law.  These, among other things, are basic skills that your attorney must have. If they do not understand what is laid out above, you need to contact a different New York City car accident attorney.