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Electrocution Accident Lawyer

Home » Construction Accidents » Electrocution Accident Lawyer
Electrocution accident lawyer

An Electrocution Accident Lawyer can help in many electrocution incidents.  When electrocution accidents occur, workers must find an Electrocution Accident Lawyer.  In a notable recent case, a worker suffered an injury while performing duct work at a renovation project.  The worker used an eight-foot ladder to install duct work.  He held onto the ladder with his left hand and used a battery-operated drill with his right hand.  The worker stood on the sixth rung of the ladder and used the drill to screw a cap into the existing duct.

He did not see any wires or electrical boxes near where he was working. All of the approximately ten workers in the area were using battery-operated tools. As the worker attempted to screw in a cap, he reached out with his hand to stabilize himself.  He immediately felt an electrical shock. He later realized that he came into contact with a live electrical junction box. The project superintendent was standing about 20-30 feet away from the worker.  He heard a loud noise and turned around. He saw sparks and saw the worker fall backwards from the ladder after receiving the electrical shock.  The worker fell approximately five feet back first and hit his head on a concrete slab.

The Lawsuit

The state legislature created a list of safety rules called the Industrial Code

The worker’s electrocution accident lawyer filed a lawsuit against the developers and contractors (the defendants).  Following depositions of all the witnesses and exchanging of expert reports, the worker asked the judge to decide liability.

Specifically, he argued that New York law requires construction workers to be provided with jobsites safe from electrical hazards. The state legislature created a list of safety rules called the Industrial Code.

The Industrial Code has general construction safety rules, as well as specific safety rules for all types of construction work, including everything from hoisting, to demolition, to electrical work.  If developers or contractors violate these rules they face liability. The worker argued that his electrocution accident occurred because the defendants broke several of these rules.  Specifically, these rules say that workers need to be properly warned of live electrical boxes.  Alternatively, power to the boxes needed to be shut down.  Here, the worker argued that developer and contractor did neither.  Accordingly, the violated the Industrial Code.  Those violations directly caused his electrocution accident.

The defendants asked the judge to dismiss the electrocution accident case.  They said that the worker should have assumed the wires were live because the exit sign was lit. In addition, a plumber testified that an electrician told him that the lines “are live” in the ceiling.

Who is at Fault?

The judge agreed with the worker and decided liability in his favor. The defendants appealed. The appellate court also agreed that the defendants were to blame for the worker’s electrocution accident.  The case proceeded to trial on the issue of damages only. Electrical hazards are among the most dangerous hazards on construction sites.  Electrocution on construction sites occurs due to unsafe working conditions, negligence of others, or defective tools or machinery.  In addition to the risks associated with electrocution, shocks can cause workers to drop items putting others at risk.  Shocks can also cause workers to fall off of ladders or scaffolds.  Electrocution accidents are serious.  If you are involved in an electrocution accident, contact a personal injury lawyer who can help you win the compensation you deserve.