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Finding a rollover accident attorney usually means finding an attorney who does product liability cases. When a car rolls over, there can be a number of causes. This means that your lawyer must be skilled in all of the areas in order to get you the best result. This article is here to talk about the most likely causes of a rollover, and how a rollover accident lawyer should address them.

Poor Car Desgin

While cars have come a long way, any good rollover accident lawyers knows cars still roll over because of poor design. Generally, vehicles that are prone to rollover accidents are narrow and tall. A rollover attorney should understand how cars like SUVs, vans and some jeeps or trucks rollover. Rollover accident because of design of the vehicle can happen for a number of reasons. The basics to a rollover accident surround the center of gravity of the vehicle. If a vehicle is too narrow and tall, the center of gravity will often be too high. This high center of gravity will make the vehicle unsteady in high winds, tight turns, higher speeds and some traffic conditions. In fact, if you look on the visor of most SUVs, there is still a rollover warning to this day. This unsteadiness can cause the vehicle to rollover, causing horrendous injuries.

Poor Roadway Design

Rollover accident lawyers also know that poor roadway design can play a part in a rollover accident. Not all vehicles take sharp turns. Often, the design of a curve is too sharp for vehicles to safely navigate. This is made worse if the curb has a downward grade in the opposite direction of the turn. Whenever a car makes a turn, the force on the vehicle, assuming the ground is level, is an outward force. If the road is graded away from the turn, that outward force is multiplied and can cause a vehicle to roll over. A proper roadway design should take into account all factors including weather and driver ability. A safe roadway design is easily navigated by the most inexperienced driver, even in poor weather conditions.

Poor Tire Design

In a rollover accident, a rollover accident lawyer knows that tires will be a huge point of contention. The defense will often point to the size of the tires or the tread of the tires in a rollover case. However, it is not uncommon for the design of the tires to cause a rollover accident. This most often happens when a poorly design tire explodes, causing the vehicle to rollover. When you combine a tire explosion with a vehicle which already has a high center of gravity, this can lead to disastrous results. A driver encountering a spontaneous tire blowout must try to navigate their vehicle in an emergency. Any sharp movement caused by the blowout leaves the vehicle vulnerable to rollover.

Driver Error

In some instances, driver error can also contribute to rollover accidents. Rollover accident lawyers have fought hard to make sure that manufacturer design vehicles safely. This means that they should be easy to handle for even inexperienced drivers. However, if a driver does not operate a vehicle safely, it can also contribute to a rollover accident. If a driver is making very sharp turns and very high speeds, it can cause a vehicle to rollover. This means that your rollover accident lawyer will need to gather all the facts about how the accident happens before understanding the best way to approach your case.

What Is Crashworthiness and How Should Your Rollover Accident Lawyer Approach It?

A rollover accident lawyer should know that it is not only how a vehicle crashed, but how it handled the crash that matters. When we say handle the crash we mean did the car keep the people inside safe to the best extent possible. Regardless of how the accident happened, your car should protect you in most cases. This often comes into play in rollover accidents. Rollover accidents tend to put enormous pressure on the roof of your vehicle. If you think about it, you never significantly test your roof otherwise. Your roof, and the portions of the vehicle which support your roof, should be able to stand up to a rollover accident. If the roof caves in, in can result in significant injuries like paraplegia and death.

Understanding crashworthiness is often the key to explaining to a jury how you were injured. It also helps explain why the design of the car is the problem. It also helps your lawyer understand who he or she should sue. Is it the car manufacturer? Perhaps it is the maker of the airbag or tires?

Conclusion – Do I Need A Rollover Accident Lawyer

Your rollover accident lawyer knows that there can be a number of causes of rollover accidents. It is important to hire the proper experts to find out exact how the accident happened. Once the experts figure out how, they can figure out why. Hiring a lawyer which understands all of these aspects of rollover litigation can be the difference in your case. Do not hesitate to call our law firm

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