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Construction Accidents


Burn Injury Lawyer

If you have suffered burns in an accident, a burn injury lawyer can walk you through your options. Knowing you are in good hands can make all the difference.


Elevator Accident

An elevator stopped abruptly and injured a worker in Manhattan. In this case, the worker sued the property owner and manager, as well as the elevator service provider.


Angle Grinder Accident

Angle grinders, also called side or disc grinders, are a handheld power tool used for cutting, grinding and polishing. When they are not used correctly, serious damage could be done.


Construction Accident Lawyer Queens

Construction is big business in Queens. If injured in a Queens construction accident, you need to find a top lawyer who can help you get the compensation you deserve.


Asbestos Injury Lawyer

Asbestos injury lawyers represent people who suffer from mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. In addition, they also represent workers injured in accidents during abatement work.


Electrocution Accident Lawyer

One of the many hazards that would require workers to hire a lawyer are electrocution accidents. These accidents occur even though there are rules and regulations designed to protect workers from electrical hazards.


Crane Accident Attorney

Cranes are involved in the biggest construction projects in New York. Cranes present a number of dangers to construction workers. Crane accident attorneys know how to navigate these difficult lawsuits.

Construction Accident Lawyer Brooklyn

Construction Accident Lawyer Brooklyn

Brooklyn is the most populous borough in New York City. Construction work is big business there. Because of this, Brooklyn construction accident lawyers litigate some of the most serious personal injury cases in the state.


Ladder Accident at New York School

It is typical for defendants to try to avoid responsibilities in construction accidents. When this happens, there is only one choice for an injured worker, take the defendants to trial, with a law firm he can trust.


Forklift Accident Lawyer

A forklift is an essential construction machine used to move materials at construction sites but they are also extremely dangerous as they can overturn or run over a person, causing severe bodily injuries.

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