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Construction Accidents

Explosion Accident Lawyer

Explosion Accident Lawyer

The Platta Law Firm won a $1,650,000 settlement for a worker injured when the floor sealant he was using ignited and exploded causing him to sustain burns which required skin grafts. Despite his being burned when the sealant ignited, he bravely grabbed the bucket of sealant and ran out of the building so that the fire would not cause more damage to the building or the people inside.

Mobile Scaffold Accidents

Mobile Scaffold Accidents

Mobile scaffold accidents can be hard to avoid because these types of scaffolds are an essential device for workers who need to easily move throughout

back injury lawyer


A common injury that requires you calling a lawyer is when you hurt your back. Studies have shown that back injuries account for nearly 20 percent


Construction Accident Lawyer Bronx

With construction accidents on the rise, you should take precaution when working on a construction site. There are labor laws that protect workers from injuries sustained on a construction site.


Long Island Construction Accident Lawyer

In cases involving injured workers at a construction site, a Long Island Construction Accident lawyer’s investigation into an accident includes determining whether a worker was


Burn Injury Lawyer

If you have suffered burns in an accident, a burn injury lawyer can walk you through your options. Knowing you are in good hands can make all the difference.


Elevator Accident

An elevator stopped abruptly and injured a worker in Manhattan. In this case, the worker sued the property owner and manager, as well as the elevator service provider.


Angle Grinder Accident

Angle grinders, also called side or disc grinders, are a handheld power tool used for cutting, grinding and polishing. When they are not used correctly, serious damage could be done.