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Home » Construction Accidents » Wall Collapse Lawyer

Wall Collapse Lawyer

Home » Construction Accidents » Wall Collapse Lawyer
Wall Collapse Attorney NYC

Finding the right wall collapse lawyer will be the most important decision to make in such an accident. The Legislature enacted New York State Labor Laws to protect construction workers. Labor Law 240 states that general contractors and property owners shall make sure that equipment such as scaffolds, hoists, ladder, and others and under proper protection. The Platta Law Firm has had plenty of victories in similar situations such as these. We would be eager to take on a case of this severity and get justice out of the responsible party.

Why You Need a Successful Wall Collapse Lawyer

Construction workers are some of the most injury prone working individuals due to the nature of their job. Building collapses in the city are rare but are fatal if they do occur. Today in Jamaica, Queens a wall collapsed on a construction site that killed 1 worker and injuring another. The construction accident occurred at a demolition site and a wall fell on top of them causing serious head injuries to one person who died. Both individuals were buried under the debris and firefighters had to pull both out of the rubble. The site was a former milk packaging plant that went vacant and was taken over by the port authority and transferred to Mayor Bill De Blasio’s signature affordable housing plan. Demolition permits on the site indicate that Cole Partners was demolishing at 3- story building using handheld tools and partial mechanical means.

How Our Lawyers Will Help You

Personal injury lawyers at The Platta Law Firm

Our personal injury lawyers at The Platta Law Firm help families settle major cases from workers’ compensation to construction sites accidents. The workers compensation system provides benefits to injured workers and their families following onsite accidents. This system does not need to prove “fault” to collect benefits. However, this means you cannot pursue a personal injury claim against an employer.

In addition, Social security disability benefits also kicks in when your loved one’s injuries are permanent or disabling. The right law firm can help expedite all of these processes for you. Building collapses can lead to serious head and neck injuries. Often these injuries require a lifetime of therapy and intensive medical care. The Platta Law Firm works with families to take care of both immediate and long-term financial needs. With us by your side, you will have peace of mind that there is a law firm fighting for every dollar you deserve. Contact us today.