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Bus Accident Attorney NYC

Home » Bus Accidents » Bus Accident Attorney NYC
New york bus accident attorney

A Bus accident attorney in NYC is best to handle a case like this recent accident in Brooklyn. Recently, a bus in Brooklyn struck and killed a 10-year-old girl. She was crossing the intersection of Crescent Street, near Worthman Avenue, in East New York. Afterward, no arrests were made. Fortunately, the bus remained at the scene after. At the time of the accident the bus drove towards the public school. The school is a block from the scene. Unfortunately, the specific intersection is well known. It has a reputation that it is extremely dangerous and moreover is unsafe in the community. Neighbors previously demanded that the city install traffic lights. They and mentioned that buses always turn too fast at that intersection.

Finding a NYC Attorney can be an extremely tough and stressful situation. A public-school bus accident coupled with negligent traffic precautions from the city may put more than one party at fault. Importantly, the bus driver mentioned to authorities that he had the right of way at that moment to make the turn,. Afterward, the driver claimed it was an accident and the victim may have just ran across the street.

Bus Accident Attorneys in NYC Often Help Multiple Victims


Unfortunately, in January there was another recent school bus accident. This accident involved 15 injured victims. Consequently, they were all taken to the hospital. This happened near Lynch Street and Lee Avenue of Williamsburg. Consolidated Bus Co. was the company operating the vehicles. The company said the children involved were special needs students. A nurse on the scene checked out and cleared the children.

After the accident they went to Bellevue Hospital. Thousands of people a year die or sustain injuries accidents like this. A good Bus accident attorney in NYC is aware of these stats. Moreover, many times these accidents happen. This is because of negligent bus drivers and their employers. Poor driving, including the failure to yield to pedestrians and bicyclists can result in a major accident. If you find yourself in a similar situation, or know someone else who does, please do not hesitate to contact our team of lawyers today.