Tractor Trailer Accident Statistics

Tractor trailer accidents statistics

The national tractor trailer accident statistics show just how dangerous these accidents are. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than three million people are injured each year in accidents across the country. According to the New York DMV, there were 299,452 car accidents in New York State in 2014. This breaks down to about 24,954 crashes per month. That further breaks down to 5,758 crashes per week, 820 crashes per day, 34 crashes per hour. Some injuries from car accidents may resolve within a matter of days. Some without any medical treatment at all. Serious injuries may become permanent and result in some level of physical disability.

When you are the victim, tractor trailer accident statistics become more than just numbers. As a result of a car crash, a woman suffered bodily injuries. These included breaks in her back and the right leg. She had surgery for both injuries. The victim also suffered a right ankle break, multiple rib breaks and bilateral lung injuries. The accident happened when she was driving in the right lane of a highway. She was pulling a pop-up camper. At some point, she drove through a construction zone. The left lane was closed. Traffic merged into the right lane. Close to the construction zone, a tractor trailer rear-ended her vehicle. This pushed her car into another car. The police, fire department and ambulance arrived at the scene. After the accident, the ambulance transported her to a hospital where she had to stay overnight.

The Lawsuit

The injured woman sued the tractor trailer company and the driver. She also sued for damages as a result of the accident. This included pain and suffering. She claimed that the defendants were at fault. They failed too keep their vehicle under control and failed to keep a proper lookout. She also claimed that the company negligently entrusted their vehicle to their employee. The defendants claimed they did nothing wrong. They argued that the injured driver was caused the accident. They also claimed she could have avoided the accident. The court, however, agreed with the plaintiff’s arguments. It decided the liability part of the case for the plaintiff.

Establishing the damages was next. Under the New York State serious injury threshold law, the injured party must prove that he or she sustained serious injury. This means that the injuries involved must fall within one of the parts.

More Than Just Tractor Trailer Accident Statistics

The jury in this case had to choose what happens when tractor trailer accident statistics become real. Here, plaintiff met the law because of the multiple breaks. The injured driver argued that as a result of the injuries she is unable to work. She complained that everyday activities with her family are painful and hard. The victim also testified that she has problems with sitting and walking. She stated that, even though the surgery improved the condition of her back, she still suffers from pain and has limitations. Medical experts hired by defense testified that the plaintiff fully recovered from her injuries. He also testified that her age caused any other problems. They also claimed that the spinal surgery was not necessary.

After long deliberations, the jury found that the plaintiff sustained a serious injury. Jurors awarded plaintiff over $6,700,000.00. This included $5,300,000.00 for pain and suffering. The jury also gave her over $1,400,000.00 for medical costs. If you or someone you know has been involved in a tractor trailer accident, please contact our law firm for further assistance.


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