New York Burn Injury Lawyer

As a New York burn injury lawyer, we are here to help you in your time of need. Burn accidents happen in all kinds of ways.  We represent all burn victims whether it was a result of a workplace injury, home accident, vehicle fire, or any other accident which caused you to suffer from burns. Even in these horrific accidents, you can bet that insurance adjusters will attempt to diminish what you have endured. At the Platta Law Firm, we are familiar with the unique tragedy association with burn injuries.  We have worked hard to educate ourselves in the field, so that we can get victims of burn injuries fully compensated.

Types of Burn Injuries

There are really two things a New York burn injury lawyer should consider when evaluating a burn injury case.  What type for burn and what degree of burn. When reviewing what type of burn it is, we are really talking about what caused the burn. Most burn accidents result in thermal burns. Thermal burns are the result of contact with extreme heat. This can be steam, hot liquids and of course, fire. In addition to thermal burns, the other most common type of burn in a burn injury case is a chemical burn. This is a burn caused my chemical or acid exposure to the skin. It is import that your bun injury attorney has extensive knowledge of each cause of your injuries so that they can be accurately portrayed to the judge or jury.

New York Burn Injury Lawyer

Severity of Burns

In addition to the cause of burn injuries, your burn injury lawyer should be very aware of the severity of burns.  We have all probably heard of the “degree” of burns.  Let’s take a moment to go over what they really mean. The least severe burn is a first degree burn. Just because it is considered the least severe, does not mean that a first-degree burn is a minimal injury. First-degree burns damage the top layer of the skin, which can be very painful. 

Second-degree burns go beyond the top layer of the skin. A second-degree burn will cause damage to the inner layer of the skin. If you have a weakened immune system, this can be particularly dangerous. These burns can take a very long time to heal and leave permanent scaring.

Third-degree burns are the worst type of burns. These burns permeate all layers of the skin. These burns can even damage organs and bones. Tell tale signs of a third-degree burn are black dry wounds and chared skin. These burns often cause permanent nerve damage.

Psychological Effects

While the physical trauma from these burns can be horrendous, the phycological effects are just as bad.  Generally, burn accidents are the result of horrific events.  When you couple this with the intense long-term pain associated with a serious burn, it is simply overwhelming.  As burn injury lawyers, we understand that this journey is much more than physical.  We want to make sure that your needs are met and that we can convey the true breadth of your suffering to the judge or jury.

Can A Burn Injury Lawyer Help Me?

At the end of the day, your New York burn injury lawyer should be familiar with your circumstances.  While no burn injury lawyer will be able to feel your pain, the right one can certainly help you through it. If you have been the victim of a severe burn due to someone else’s negligence, please call the personal injury attorneys at The Platta Law Firm at (212) 514-5100 so that we can help you.

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