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Manhattan Personal Injury Attorney

Home » Personal Injury » Manhattan Personal Injury Attorney
Manhattan personal injury lawyer

When looking for a Manhattan Personal Injury Lawyer you need to find one with proven results. Your attorney must be experienced, skilled and compassionate. This combination, along with a fierce desire to fight for your rights, can lead to the outcome you are looking for in your case. The Platta Law Firm has a proven track record of getting great results in Manhattan courts. The case below is just one of many examples of our firm fighting for our client’s needs.

The Case – Finding Out What Happened with Your Manhattan Personal Injury Attorney

On April 19, 2011, our client fell while working on a construction site. The construction site was located on Broadway in Manhattan. This is the kind of situation where a Manhattan Personal Injury Lawyer can help. Before the accident, the Plaintiff worked on the site for approximately two months.  He performed waterproofing work as well as demolishing the old pointing in the facade of the building.  On the date of the accident plaintiff arrived at the job site slightly after 7:00 am. He began his work at 7:30 am.  His job that day was to install new pointing.

The Date of the Accident

They were working atop a scaffold. As a Manhattan Personal Injury Lawyer we are experts in scaffold law. The scaffold in this case was located approximately one and one half (1½) feet next to the facade near the chantey entrance where they were performing the pointing work. Eventually, they took a lunch break. After the break they returned to their pointing work. At approximately 2:00 pm, plaintiff was taking mortar from a bucket on the scaffold to install on the facade with his tool.  When he turned and reached toward the facade to apply the mortar, the plank on which he was standing broke causing him to fall off the scaffold eight (8) to nine (9) feet to the ground.

As the plank snapped, plaintiff’s left leg fell through, but his upper body fell over the side of the scaffold, causing his left leg to get caught and twist in the pipes of the scaffold.  His body twisted and his left leg came free and he hit the facade of the building and fell head-first eight (8) to nine (9) feet onto the concrete below.  His boss gave him a harnesses, but not with any place to tie off the harnesses.  They were told if OSHA planks were used then they did not need to be provided with tie off points. As a Manhattan Personal Injury Lawyer, we work hard to ensure that accident sites are properly equipped. This one clearly was not.

Injuries – How Can a Manhattan Personal Injury Attorney Help?

 How Can a Manhattan Personal Injury Attorney Help?

The fall injured the client’s left knee, right elbow and right shoulder. Following significant medical treatment, he had surgery on each of those body parts. He also injured his back, which resulted in multiple injections. The accident made it impossible for him to go back to work. At the time of the accident, he was 63 years old. He hoped to work until he was 70. Due to the defendant’s actions, this would never happen.

As his Manhattan Personal Injury Lawyer, we hired economic and life care plan experts. The life care planner helps to explain all the treatment that the client needed for the rest of his life. The economist assigns value to those treatments, so that we know how much the treatment will cost. The economist also helps to explain all of the other future economic loss as a result of the accident.

The Mediation

After both sides had an opportunity to exchange experts, they agreed to a mediation. A mediation is when both sides agree to a neutral party who helps settle the case. Generally, the meditations contain hours of negotiation in hopes that the matter can resolve. In this case, the negotiations happened for months. Finally, after much back and forth, we were able to secure $2,000,000 for our client. In this circumstance, careful understanding of the law and the clients injuries led to a great result. The Platta Law Firm is a Manhattan Personal Injury Lawyer that commits to every case it takes. We expect the best results, and you should expect the best from us.