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How do I find a qualified trial lawyer for my New York accident case?

Undoubtedly the most important decision of an injured person looking for recovery is selecting the right lawyer. However, New York is filled with accident case lawyers whose qualifications and skills may significantly vary. So how to find the right lawyer?

Although this task may seem challenging at first, following tips should help you.

First of all you should start your research by narrowing it to lawyers whose major expertise is representing people in accident personal injuries. Next, scrutinize lawyer’s experience and recent successes, both in courtroom and settlements. You should, however, put more attention to the first one. While the settlements are relevantly easy, successive representation in a trial case is a true challenge, and not every lawyer can handle it. Therefore, in accident cases, injured clients need an experienced attorney who has a good reputation not only for substantial settlements, but also high jury verdicts.

Why is this so important? Cause accident cases can be often marathons, and then skill, ability and reputation for trying cases are critically essential when it comes to investigating, litigating, settling or trying an accident personal injury case. The law firm you are looking for should have time and resources to combat with insurance companies, what often is time consuming process, and requires expensive service of expert witnesses.

Insurance companies often check prior litigation record of your lawyer. It is significant information on the potential opponent, and insurance companies do not hesitate to take advantage of it. Frequently, if you are represented by a successful litigation lawyer, an insurance company will think twice if it is worth to litigate, and often may offer greater compensation.

The most successful lawyers are even able to obtain, in favor of a client, a court decision that changes the law in entire state. Such skills, passion and devotion to the client’s case make an excellent professional lawyer who not only gains respect of insurance companies, but also contributes to the community. 

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