Worker’s Compensation

How to file a workers comp claim

How to file a workers comp claim

A common pitfall to an injured worker is failure to provide adequate notice to his or her employer of the accident. This article discusses the filing requirements for a workers comp claim and a recent case which dealt with late notice to the employer.

Workers-compensation-lawyer long-island

Workers compensation lawyer long island

Every Long Island workers’ compensation case is different. This article discusses how injuries to multiple joints on the same arm or leg affect settlement values. It also discusses a case every workers’ compensation lawyer will refer to in such a scenario.


Workers compensation lawyers bronx

This article discusses some factors a Bronx workers compensation lawyer will consider in settling a claim. It also explains how prior injuries to the same body part affect a workers compensation settlement.

Five things to watch for during workers comp IME

Five things to watch for during workers comp IME

Workers comp IME doctors are not the injured workers friend. There is no patient-doctor relationship and they are hired by the insurance carrier to cut costs. If you are attending a workers comp IME, watch for these five things before and during the examination.


Workers Comp Injury

When the carrier denies a workers comp injury, adding the injury to a case can be a difficult task. This article discusses what an injured worker must know about adding an injury or condition to the case.


Workers Compensation Claim Process

Every injured worker eligible for workers’ compensation benefits should know his or her rights. This article will discuss some of the things every injured worker should know about the workers’ compensation claim process.

Workers Comp Surgery

Workers Comp Surgery

This article explains what the injured worker needs to know about workers comp surgery. It discusses the impact of a surgery on a case and what steps the worker and insurance carrier will take after surgery.


Workers Comp Process

This article discusses the workers comp process and what the injured worker should expect. From medical record requirement, to witnesses. The worker should be familiar with criteria and deadlines.