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Home » Truck Accidents » Accident Involving Garbage Truck

Accident Involving Garbage Truck

Home » Truck Accidents » Accident Involving Garbage Truck
Accident involving garbage truck

A New York City Dumpster accident attorney serves a large importance in getting you the desired settlement for your claim regarding an accident involving a garbage truck. When there are construction sites there more than likely will be dumpsters to take away any rubble, or left over garbage by way of forklift, trucks, or other means. There may be worker negligence, faulty machines, or the un-following of safety regulations that often lead directly to accidents. There can be long-lasting consequences when an accident involving a garbage truck occurs. Often times, victims will miss work and wont be able to for weeks or even months. Employers will more than likely offer the lowest amount of benefits possible after an accident on the job. The complexity of such an accident at work, will become a workers compensation case. The Platta Law Firm is ready to assists you with any accidents that you may be involved in.

Reasons for Accidents Involving a Garbage Truck

Garbage Truck Accidents in NYC

A dumpster may be manufactured poorly and possibly be defective when it is being picked up. The dumpster may fall off and cause injuries to employees or operators of any vehicles below it. The operator of the dumpster truck can also be a cause. The driver, the local municipality, or a private waster firm may be responsible for the victim’s bills. There are also still rules of driving a garbage truck down the congested streets of New York City.

Truck drivers are still responsible for following many of the same traffic laws. Garbage truck drivers must abide by the rules laid out by the State. If the driver experiences fatigue, tiredness, or is under any influence, the driver could be held liable. Improper maintenance of roads is another issue that can lead to accidents. Streets that are not taken care of, they can greatly increase the risk of collisions. If a garbage truck crashes due to a pothole, or improper signage, the local municipality may be responsible. If the vehicle is not under proper maintenance and has defects, there is an increase in chance of a crash.

Effects of Accidents

An accident involving a garbage truck can lead to bodily injuries including fractures, broken bones, and other complex medical issues. If you find yourself in an accident, you may suffer brain injuries, burns, loss of a limb, or even bone fractures. These injuries can lead to long lasting medical complications later in life. The potential medical expenses of surgery, and other treatments make it difficult to return to your normal life. Many firms do not have the years of experience that we do and lack the professional knowledge. Whether your case demands continued pursuit of a settlement or going to trial, our legal team will negotiate on your behalf and serve you. Just contact us and we can schedule an appointment.