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Home » Motorcycle Accidents » What Is the Function of a Motorcycle Accident Reconstructionist?

What Is the Function of a Motorcycle Accident Reconstructionist?

Home » Motorcycle Accidents » What Is the Function of a Motorcycle Accident Reconstructionist?
What Is the Function of a Motorcycle Reconstructionist

A reconstructionist plays an essential role in accident investigations. After a motorcycle accident, they will analyze the physical evidence and recreate the events leading up to the crash. The goal of this type of investigation is to gain a better understanding of what happened so that people can be held accountable for their actions.

What Do Motorcycle Accident Reconstructionists Do?

A reconstructionist is an accident investigation and repair expert who recreates an accident scene to determine the cause of the crash. They use their physics, engineering and forensic analysis knowledge to determine the reason and liability. Additionally, they may check for mechanical problems or defects that led to or contributed to the crash. The reconstructionist usually prepares a report detailing fault based on the evidence collected, analyzed and interpreted correctly.

Accident reconstruction is an essential resource for providing reliable information about serious accidents. Their data helps investigators determine appropriate compensation for injured motorcyclists and others.

What Techniques Do Motorcycle Accident Reconstructionists Use?

The main objective of a motorcycle accident reconstruction is to determine the speed and direction of both vehicles involved in the accident at impact. Reconstructionists use techniques such as reviewing skid marks, analyzing damage patterns, measuring debris fields and studying video surveillance footage to piece together all available evidence. A reconstructionist can accurately determine how fast each vehicle was going when colliding and whether mechanical or human error was at play.

Additionally, reconstructionists may also use 3D imaging and computer software to simulate the accident to gain an even more accurate depiction of what happened. By doing this, they can identify any risky behaviors that could have contributed to the crash such as speeding or reckless driving. The 3D renderings are effective exhibits that help when negotiating with insurers and during proceedings in civil court.

How Does a Reconstructionist Analyze the Motorcycle Accident Site?

An accident reconstruction expert uses various technical methods to determine the cause and severity of the accident. They are:

  • Ensure that all vehicles involved in the accident have been inspected.
  • Evaluate the police traffic crash report for pertinent information.
  • Review medical records to determine if injuries correspond with the available evidence.
  • Perform a detailed analysis of vehicle images and crash sites.
  • Check the vehicle’s event data recorder (also known as the “black box”) to ascertain the circumstances before, during and after the collision.

How Does my Lawyer Know the Qualifications of a Motorcycle Accident Reconstructionist?

Although no direct degree is available, there are other ways to show competence. The Society of Automotive Engineers offers an accident reconstruction course. Upon completing the six-course Accident Reconstruction Certificate Program, the SAE attests to the individual’s competency. Future employers will use this to determine if the motorcycle reconstructionist can help them.

Additional Factors That Affect a Motorcycle Crash

Factors That Affect a Motorcycle accident

Road conditions are a vital aspect in a motorcycle collision evaluation. Other environmental features such as sun glare, wet roads and visibility obstructions are equally important. The motorcycle accident reconstructionist will document these factors with photographs or diagrams. Other details include the vehicle’s path before, during and after impact. Vehicular damages are likewise documented using a camera.

These include dents, bent forks and scrapes. An accident reconstructionist will also note damage to the bike’s front, rear and side scrapes, a detail showing the motorcycle went down. Helmets might yield viable information as well. Cracks or punctures provide information about a head impact. Additionally, helmet damage makes it possible to determine how much pressure was applied.

Why Is Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction so Important?

For a case to succeed at the negotiation table or in court, the evidence must support the accusation of liability. To do this, proof of negligence is necessary. The insurer or jury must see the accident in real-time when dealing with a motorcycle crash. On occasion, surveillance cameras on traffic lights or at nearby businesses will provide a clear picture. However, this is not always the case, or the court or insurer requires further details. An accident reconstructionist can provide this. This type of hard evidence offers a clear picture of the motorcycle crash, making it hard for the insurer to dispute the cause of the accident.