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Home » Construction Accidents » Trench Collapse Accident Attorney

Trench Collapse Accident Attorney

Home » Construction Accidents » Trench Collapse Accident Attorney
Trench Collapse accidents

Trench Collapse Accidents will require a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer, who will be an important addition to your team while fighting for a settlement. You should not try to discuss anything with insurance companies as they will try to give you the cheapest settlement possible. You must allow a top legal firm to get you what you deserve. Trench collapses, also known as cave ins, are possibly the deadliest accidents. In the underground utility industry, these types of accidents can occur more often.

There are nearly 300 Trench Collapse Accidents every year. Trench collapse Lawyers in New York City are able to help you and your family if you are in such a situation. There can be toxic fumes in an enclosed space, and this can result in life threatening dangers. Electrocution or explosions that occur when workers come into contact with unexpected electric cables or gas lines can be another scenario. The fatality rate according to the OSHA is about 112% higher than any other type of construction work.

There are certain OSHA regulations for trenches and excavations. Every employee who works inside an excavation requires an adequate protective system to protect them from cave-ins. Protective systems have the capacity to resist without failure all loads intended or are reasonably expected to apply or be transmitted to the system.


Two men in Nassau County had a trench collapse accident when they were installing a septic tank. The trench the tank was going in collapsed. They were installing the tank at a Long Island home. The workers were working in a 30-foot hole in Brookville when one of the dirt walls caved. A 5–7-foot wall of wet dirt and sand covered the men. In another case, a fatally injured Queens man became buried under tons of soil and debris when a 14-foot-deep trench collapsed. The man died while working on a restoration hardware store in Manhattan.

The sub-contractor did not provide proper cave-in protection for the trench. OSHA also found that there were no braces or supports for a section of sidewalk that would prevent its collapse. There are major dangers of trenching operations as this type of accident poses the most danger compared to any other possible work injuries.



With proper engineering, construction methods and safety practices, trench collapses are completely preventable. Protective systems to prevent cave-ins include sloping which is cutting a trench wall at an angle away from the trench. Shoring involves placing wooden or metal supports against the trench wall to prevent soil cave-ins. Shielding typically uses a metal box that fits inside the trench and protects workers in the event of a collapse.

In addition, OSHA requires daily inspections of trenches. Where conditions change that there is an existing or predictable hazard, corrective measures must be made to eliminate or control the hazardous conditions. This means that usually when a trench collapse accident occurs, negligence is the cause. New York prohibits a construction worker from filing a lawsuit against his or her employer. However, an injured construction may file a lawsuit against the negligent third party. A property owner, or general contractor usually fall into this category. If you are in any type of trench collapse accident, contact an attorney and seek proper, professional advice.