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The Most Common Job Injuries that Require a Lawyer

Most common job injuries that require a lawyer

Those injured at work often wonder “what are the most common job injuries that require a lawyer”? The answer to this, like so many other questions is: “it depends”.  In certain situations you may be able to bring a lawsuit.

Common Job Injuries Requiring a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Workers’ Compensation insurance covers most injuries that occur on the job. This includes traumatic accidents, illnesses, or injuries that develop over time. Injuries that develop over time are called occupational injuries or occupational diseases. These injuries commonly include muscle strains and carpal/cubital tunnel syndrome. Generally speaking, Workers’ Compensation insurance covers most common job injuries with a few exceptions. Workers’ Compensation insurance usually does not cover stress or other mental health disorders. Workers’ Compensation insurance does not cover self-inflicted injuries. It also does not cover injuries caused by fighting or horseplay. Finally, it does not cover injuries caused by a worker’s intoxication. Workers’ Compensation proceedings may seem simple, but they are not. If you sustain an injury that requires you undergo serious medical treatment or miss substantial time from work, you should hire an attorney. Workers’ Compensation attorneys understand the claims process and how to protect your rights.

Personal Injury Lawsuits

Certain types of accidents may also give rise to a personal injury lawsuit. These accidents usually result from the negligence or statutory violation of another. Generally, the job injuries that give rise to these lawsuits result from a traumatic accident. These include falls from ladders or other construction equipment. They also include slip/trip and fall accidents. These accidents cause serious injuries, including orthopedic and neurological injuries. Usually the Workers’ Compensation Law precludes workers from suing their employer. However, these lawsuits are permitted to be brought along with your Workers’ Compensation claim. It is imperative that you hire a lawyer if you suffer a job injury that requires a lawsuit.

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