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Queens personal injury lawyer

When looking for a Queens Personal Injury Lawyer, it is important to find one with proven results.  If your lawyer has proven results, you can feel comfortable that they will put the work and extra care it takes to get you the absolute best results.  Here at the Platta Law Firm, we are proven Queens Personal Injury Lawyers.  We have a history of pushing our cases clients as hard as possible, in order to get them the best results.  Often those results cam as settlements.  Sometimes, when necessary, those results are because of a jury trial.   The following case shows the dedication and commitment needed to get you the results you deserve.

The Facts of the Case

 On June 6, 2016, a worker was painting walls in a large Manhattan high rise.  During the course of his work, he moved between floors by way of a ladder bolted to the wall.  Unfortunately, this ladder was not safe for the worker to use.  As a resulted of being forced to use this unsafe ladder, the worker fell about nine feet to the cement floor below.                 

 The defendants claimed that the ladder was safe.  However, prior to the date of the accident, workers did not use this ladder at all. In fact, before the accident there were multiple ladders set up in the area for the workers.

How a Queens Personal Injury Lawyer Should Approach A Case

After the accident, the work hired the Platta Law Firm for his Queens Personal Injury Lawyer. We sued both the owner of the building and the general contractor who was working on the project. In construction accidents, the owner and the general contractor are legally responsible for the accident most of the time. We alleged that the defendants failed to provide a safe workplace for the injured construction lawyers. We also alleged that the worker was physically injured after the accident.

As a result of the accident, Mr. Norko injured his neck, back, knee and shoulder. Specifically he broke a bone in his knee which resulted in surgery. He also herniated a disc in his neck which caused him to undergo a fusion surgery to his neck. A fusion surgery is when the doctors fuse the bones of your neck together. In this case, they fused three levels of Mr. Norko’s neck using an implant. Finally, in addition to these injuries, he also had a left shoulder surgery.

As a result of his injuries, Mr. Norko is not able to work. As experience Queens Personal Injury Lawyers, we brought in experts to help the jury understand what Mr. Norko faced in the future. The first expert evaluated Mr. Norko to see if he would ever be able to work again. Unfortunately, after a careful evaluation, it became clear that Mr. Norko would never be able to perfrom his duties as a painter again. Next, we hired an additional experts to help explain how much his future medical care may cost. In cooperation with his doctors, the expert was able to find the total future cost of any care which Mr. Norko may need in the future.

The Trial

Prior to the trial, the parties attempted to resolve the case. However, the defendants continued to claim that Mr. Norko was still at fault for the accident. Because the defendants failed to offer a fair amount for Mr. Norko, we brought his case to trial. As expert Personal Injury Lawyers, we know when a client has been fairly compensated. More importantly, we know what it takes to get it. In this case, we fought the defendants by taking the case to trial. During the course of trial, the parties generally tend to negotiate. This happened in this case as well. Over the course of Jury selection we obtained a settlement for $3,100,000 for Mr. Norko.

Results like these are what happens when your Queens Personal Injury Lawyer knows how to fight for your rights.

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