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Home » Personal Injury » Personal Injury Attorney New York City NY

Personal Injury Attorney New York City NY

Home » Personal Injury » Personal Injury Attorney New York City NY
Personal injury attorney nyc

New York City is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.  So what happens if you are injured while here on vacation or holiday?  Do not panic. First, take care of yourself and your injuries. Then, call us here at the Platta Law Firm.

The Platta law firm is here to help. Many people believe that if they are injured outside their home state or even home country that they cannot bring a lawsuit against the party that injured them. But that is absolutely untrue. You may bring a lawsuit as a foreigner if you are injured here in New York City.  There are, though, some logistical issues that we need to discuss that relate to your lawsuit.

When you hire us as your attorney to represent you for personal injuries arising out of a visit to The City that Never Sleeps, we will be your continued connection here and can do most of the leg work for you while you are home recuperating from your injuries.  We will file the Summons and Complaint, have the liable party served, prepare the discovery documents and even attend the Court conferences such as the Preliminary Conference and Compliance Conference with out burdening you and having you come back to New York. There are at least two events that will require that you to be physically present in New York: one, to be deposed (also called an Examination Before Trial or EBT) where you are questioned under oath about the facts surrounding the accident as well as the injuries that you have suffered, your treatment, limitations, lost time from work, etc., by the attorney or attorneys for the liable party(s); and two, for the physical examination by the doctor for the other side(s).

We are experienced in dealing with these type of matters so we will make sure that everything that needs to be handled while you are here in New York can be done as conveniently and expeditiously as possible during your stay.  We will make sure that the Court is aware that you have to take time to travel back here to New York and that the initial order directing the EBT and physical examination indicates that they are to be done contemporaneously and we will help coordinate them to insure that everything is in place before your return trip to New York.  If after the initial trip back to New York your case does not settle then you will have to return here one more time: for the trial.

This is the age of technology and we make every effort to use that technology to ease your burden of travelling here to New York during this difficult time.  For example, we can fax and email you documents for your review and signature.  We can meet with you via video conference. We know what the law allows when an injured party lives out of state and we maximize the use of that law in the best interest of our clients.  We also take advantage of available technologies in the handling of your case with regard to its prosecution against the liable parties. Rest assured that by hiring the Platta law firm you are placing yourself in good hands.