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NYC Back Injury Lawyer

Home » Construction Accidents » NYC Back Injury Lawyer
Back Injury lawyers in nyc

A common injury that requires you calling a NYC lawyer is when you hurt your back. Studies have shown that back injuries account for nearly 20 percent of all injuries in the work place.  Car accidents are responsible for causing nearly 30 percent of all back injuries. It is no surprise that with statistics like these, when you get into an accident while at work or driving a car, you need a lawyer familiar with the New York laws who is going to help you recover from your back injuries.

What Is Considered a Serious Back Injury?

If you are suffering from a back injury, you can understand how painful and difficult it is to perform even basic activities.  We are now limited in doing simple actions, such as sitting, standing or walking for long periods of time.  Objects you used to easily lift, such as a gallon of milk or water, now causes you to experience sharp, stabbing pains.  Sometimes these pains are so severe they radiate down into the legs and feet. Injuries with these symptoms require frequent treatment with a physician and physical therapist.

If after multiple visits, the back injury does not improve but worsens, your doctor may recommend more serious procedures.  These can include injections into the spine or even surgery.  If a surgery is necessary, the surgeon operating on your back tries to repair the areas of your back that causes your pain and limitations.

What Are the Possible Costs of a Serious Back Injury?

Besides the physical pain you suffer from a back injury, many accident victims often experience emotional and mental distress. This can be brought about by the constant pain and limitations.  For example, people with constant pain may no longer be able to continue working. Due to the pain preventing you from working, there is a risk of becoming depressed and anxious from the thoughts of no longer earning the income you used to.

This change may not only have a bad effect on your mental health, but also your family who relies on your income and ability to help with chores and generally being there for them. While insurance may pay for lost wage benefits, either from Workers Compensation (work-related accident) or No-Fault insurance (motor vehicle accident), the amount you get often does not equal the amount you earned while working full-time.  This is when your back injury attorney is there to help you through these life-changing times.

How Can a Back Injury Lawyer Help You Pursue Compensation?

  • Conducting a full investigation and get evidence to prove that you were not at fault for the accident
  • Questioning any witnesses to support your claim
  • Making sure your medical bills and lost wages are paid for by the insurance companies
  • By helping you find the right doctors who offer the best treatment for your symptoms
  • Starting a lawsuit against the individuals who were responsible for the accident and your injuries
  • Hiring the experts who will prove the full extent of damages
  • Working tirelessly in getting you a monetary recovery from those who were responsible for causing your back injuries

What Type of Compensation Can my Lawyer Help with?


By hiring the Platta Law Firm we will help you recover the compensation for the pain and suffering caused by your back injury.  This includes recovering the medical expenses you paid or will be required to pay in the future for back treatment. 

We also help recover the full amount of wages you lost due to the time out of work. 

If your injuries permanently prevent you from returning to work, we will help you recover the wages that you lost or will lose due to your inability to return to work.  In addition, our representation will get you a monetary compensation for the pain and suffering caused by your back injuries. While no one wants to get into an accident, when you do, it is important to get experienced attorneys to represent you. 

At the Platta Law Firm, our back injury attorneys have knowledge of the laws and how to prove you are entitled to a recovery for your pain and suffering.  If you have suffered an accident that caused you to have a back injury, call our firm for a free consultation.

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