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Home » Car Accidents » How Does Poor Road Infrastructure Lead to Car Accidents in Queens?

How Does Poor Road Infrastructure Lead to Car Accidents in Queens?

Home » Car Accidents » How Does Poor Road Infrastructure Lead to Car Accidents in Queens?
How Does Poor Road Infrastructure Lead to Car Accidents in Queens

No borough in New York City is more notorious for potholes and road defects than Queens. With most of its residents and commuters reliant upon the MTA bus transit system, it’s a cause for chaos. Thousands of cars and buses meet head-to-head in a roundabout frenzy that either results in accidents or too many close calls. It’s no wonder then, that Queens comes only second to Brooklyn in the number of motor vehicle accidents each year. And that match-up is a close call in some years.

Pothole accidents in Queens have especially become an urgent issue, inflicting injuries to both drivers and pedestrians across the borough. With its vast web of roads and highways, Queens suffers significant damage to its pavement, leading to the formation of numerous potholes. The continuous tons of weight and pressure from the volume of cars, large vehicles in particular, contribute to the wear and tear of road pavement over the years. The constant stress weakens the surface, making it more vulnerable to the formation of potholes. If you are involved in a pothole-related accident, do your best to gather evidence by documenting the scene. This means taking pictures or videos of the pothole, any damage to the vehicle, and any injuries.

These road dangers present a serious risk to drivers, often resulting in car damage, collisions with larger vehicles, injuries, and even death. The financial price as a result of pothole-related accidents is almost equally substantial, with repair costs for vehicles and hospital bills skyrocketing for those injured.

Potholes cause crashes in Queens, NY

If you have fallen victim to a car accident because of a directly involved pothole, there are parties responsible. The City of New York, The State of New York, or other local municipalities are most likely accountable for maintaining and fixing roads in their respective zip codes. These governments must initiate yearly inspections to seek out any infrastructure hazards, call for repairs, and immediately warn the public if not already notified.

Accidents happen when government officials and employees neglect to realize their sworn duties. When proving negligence after a pothole car accident, the first and most important step is to identify the defect in question. You can then illustrate how the pothole caused the crash and appropriately hold the responsible party liable for your injuries. If the government ignores your claim or refuses to negotiate a fair settlement, the next step could be a lawsuit. However, there are strict deadlines to be aware of. You have a little over a year from the accident date to file a claim. If you wait too long, you may lose the right to hold anyone accountable for the accident.

No matter the circumstances, pothole accidents happen. Those of us who have been injured in a car accident can face lifelong injuries that result in physical, financial, and emotional struggles. If you or a family member have been injured in a Queens car accident, be sure to contact a reputable personal injury attorney that gets you the compensation you deserve.