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Home » Uncategorized » Head-on Collision Lawyer

Head-on Collision Lawyer

Home » Uncategorized » Head-on Collision Lawyer
Head on collision car accident

As a head-on collision lawyer, we must find out how the accident happened. A husband was driving down the street in the Bronx and got into a head-on collision accident. These types of accidents are often one of the most fatal ones. The best thing to remember is to make sure that your husband’s injuries get the best medical care.

As for dealing with your insurance company, a head-on collision lawyer can help.  We can help in proving that your husband was not at fault. We can prove it was the negligence of the other driver that caused the accident. Head-on collision lawyers know these accidents involve the laws of physics. Specifically, the laws of momentum and energy. Provided that there are no external forces involved – like one car hitting the other from behind thus forcing it into the other vehicle head-on – there are actually mathematical calculations involved in the determination of the damages to the parties and to the cars.   The size of the vehicles, the rate of speed, where the cars came to rest and human actions. All these play a part in piecing together what happened.

How Does a Head-on Collision Lawyer Approach a Case

Head-on Collision Lawyer in NYC

First, we need to get all the hard data about the accident.  That includes accident reports, photographs of the vehicles and from the scene, ambulance records, and hospital records.   Your head-on collision lawyer must take the testimony of all involved as well as any witnesses to the accident.  Once all this is done we may need the help of an accident reconstructionist to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

That way we can determine with as much accuracy as possible, how the accident took place. Once we have a clearer picture of the accident then we are ready to explain the case to a jury. There are also other experts that may be involved in helping a head-on collision lawyer present your husband’s case to the jury.  While the experts we use to prove the liability portion of the trial are important, other experts that help us prove the damages portion are just as important.

Head-on collision accidents often result in catastrophic injuries that leave drivers unable to work and their families worried about their financial future.  When we investigate the liability aspect we also investigate the assets of the responsible parties involved to make sure that we can obtain the highest monetary recovery we can for you and your family. We here at the Platta Law Firm have experience handling these type of car accident cases.  Call us.  We are here to help.