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Slip and Fall


Trip And Fall Lawyer Long Island

A trip and fall lawyer in Long Island must know how to handle all premises cases. In many cases, appeals are a certainty. This case showcases that process.

Brooklyn Slip And Fall Attorney

Brooklyn Slip And Fall Attorney

What should your Brooklyn Slip And Fall Attorney do if the city tries to dismiss your case? Find out in this real example from New York.

Queens Slip And Fall Lawyer

Queens Slip And Fall Lawyer

A slip and fall accident is very common when there is snow and ice built up. There must be a notice given to the property owner regarding the hazard on their property. If someone slips on ice, the defendant must have been aware of the ice with enough time to clean it.

Trip and Fall Lawyer

Trip and Fall Lawyer

When there is a trip and fall accident on the sidewalk or roadway, the defendant will raise different defenses. This article discusses these defenses and what the trip and fall lawyer needs to overcome them.


Slip and Fall – Subway

Tragedy usually comes when you least expect it, like in a sudden slip and fall in the subway. That was true for a 74-year-old man who slipped and fell as he was going down the stairs to the subway.


Sidewalk Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

No slip and fall accident on the sidewalk is the same. This article discusses the relevant law of sidewalk slip and fall accidents and what an attorney will consider in preparing for trial.


Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer Bronx

To win any slip and fall case in the Bronx, the plaintiff must prove certain elements at trial. This article discusses some of those elements and a specific case involving a slip and fall accident on a subway platform.


Slip And Fall On Ice

What happens if you slip and fall on ice while it is snowing? The law is complex and tough to navigate in this situation.