Personal Injury

Manhattan Personal Injury Lawyer

Manhattan Personal Injury Lawyer

What is the difference between a good Manhattan Personal Injury Lawyer and a bad one? Knowledge, dedication, and experience. See how we help our clients in the following article.


Queens Personal Injury Lawyer

What separates the Platta Law Firm from every other Queens Personal Injury Lawyer? The way we get results. Read more about it in this case study.

Personal Injury Lawyer Bronx

Personal Injury Lawyer Bronx

A good personal injury lawyer in the Bronx will be the difference in your case. The Platta Law Firm has example after example of the results which come from our dedication and expertise.


Personal Injury Compensation

There are broad categories of compensation that you can receive in a personal injury lawsuit. These include compensation for pain and suffering as well as compensation for economic damages.


Importance of Expert Witness

In personal injury actions, expert witnesses can often make or break your case.  For this reason, defendants will often challenge a plaintiff’s experts and ask


Personal Injury Blog

All of us at The Platta Law Firm, PLLC would like to welcome you to our website’s new blog. We are a full-service law firm,

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