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Home » Car Accidents » Ambulance Accident

Ambulance Accident

Home » Car Accidents » Ambulance Accident
Accident involving an ambulance

The violence of an ambulance accident can cause significant injuries. This case is an example of how an accident can alter you life forever. Luckily, this client had lawyers willing to fight for his rights and his future.

The Ambulance Accident

In this ambulance accident, a yellow taxicab driver was struck head-on by a three-ton ambulette van. The accident caused the the driver to lose consciousness. The police and an additional ambulance came to the scene. Paramedics rushed the driver to a hospital. The victim injured his dominant right hand, wrist, and neck. He lost work because of his injuries.

The Lawsuit

As a result, he sued the company that owned the vehicle that struck him. He also sued the driver. He sued for damages sustained as a result of the accident. This included pain and suffering. The injured driver argued that the defendants were at fault by failing to keep their vehicle under control. He also alleged the defendant failed to keep a proper lookout, to stop or slow down, and followed too closely. Finally, he claimed that the company negligently entrusted this vehicle to its employee.

The Injuries From the Ambulance Accident


The injured man had to undergo surgery to his right hand. Because of his injuries, he has been unable to sit for long periods. Additionally, his ability to work as a taxi driver was greatly impacted. He also could not lift heavy objects, play soccer, and needed assistance with daily activities. He argued that he permanently suffers symptoms of these injuries including back and neck pain. 

The insurance carrier offered $85,000.00 to settle the case. The plaintiff rejected the offer. The case went to trial. The injured man’s radiology expert testified that the MRI of his spine showed broad-based disc bulges and herniations. These were in the neck at C5-C6, C4-C5, and C3-C4. His medical expert further testified that the MRI of the spine showed disc herniation of the mid-back at T5-T6. Additionally he had ac disc herniation and bulge of the lumbar spine at L4-L5. This expert testified that the plaintiff’s spinal injuries were consistent with those caused by trauma.

Further Testimony

The plaintiff’s treating chiropractor concluded that the spine injuries caused by the accident caused pressure on the nerves. That pressure caused pain in the nervous system. Finally, he stated that the accident was the competent producing cause of the plaintiff’s spinal pathology, that the plaintiff was not improving, and that the plaintiff would not be able to work. Both medical experts testified that the plaintiff’s current problems will not improve. They stated he will require to be followed by specialists for the rest of his life. They also testified that the plaintiff will require surgery to repair damage to his spine in the future. The plaintiff further showed that he suffered a tear of the ulnar collateral ligament of the right thumb which will cause permanent symptoms despite an operation performed by the surgeon.

The Defense Case

The defendant’s expert testified that he believed the ambulance accident caused a sprain or strain. He further testified that victim did not show any deficits. Nor did he show a positive straight leg test. The doctor did not review any of the plaintiff’s MRI films. The plaintiff’s physical medicine expert testified that the plaintiff’s physical examination showed a positive straight leg raise, impaired cervical range of motion, antalgic gait, and impaired right-hand dexterity.

The Verdict

The jury for the ambulance accident trial discussed the case for about three hours. In the end they awarded the plaintiff $1,400,000.00. The award was split as follows: $300,000.00 for past pain and suffering; $500,000.00 for future pain and suffering over 30 years, $100,000.00 for past medical expenses, and $500,000.00 for future medical expenses over 30 years. As is clear from this case, finding and contacting the right lawyer can make all the difference in your case.