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Home » Personal Injury » A Lawyer’s Advice if You Sustained a Workplace Injury

A Lawyer’s Advice if You Sustained a Workplace Injury

Home » Personal Injury » A Lawyer’s Advice if You Sustained a Workplace Injury
Advice if you had a work place injury

There are things you can do to help develop your case. You may be entitled to workers’ compensation for the injuries that you have sustained at work.

Your Lawsuit Starts Right After You Sustain a Workplace Injury

If you sustained a workplace injury, a lawyer would give you this advice. You should immediately report your accident to your supervisors. Many accidents go unwitnessed. If unreported, the defendant in your lawsuit will question if it occurred. The best cases are the ones that begin immediately following the accident. Cases are won or lost in that time. A lawyer would also advise you to collect as much evidence of your workplace injury as possible.

Take photographs with your cellphone of the area where your accident occurred and of any equipment involved in your accident. Get the names and telephone number of any co-workers who witnessed your workplace injury. Have someone take photographs of your injuries, especially if you are bleeding or bruised. Do not trust that your employer has your best interest at heart. Their number one priority is protecting their company, not protecting you. A lawyer would advise you not sign any statements or accident reports prepared by your employer regarding your workplace injury.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention After Your Workplace Injury

Seek Immediate Medical Attention After Your Workplace Injury

A lawyer would also advise you to immediately seek medical treatment after you sustain a workplace injury. Do not underestimate the severity of your injury. You may be tough, but you do not know how badly you are injured. Waiting days or weeks to seek medical attention could severely damage your case. An attorney would advise you that the insurance company will question the causation and severity of your workplace injury.

They will also argue that something occurred between your accident and your medical treatment that caused your injuries. They will do anything they can to minimize the compensation they need to pay you. When you see a doctor, you should alert them to every part of your body that experiences pain or discomfort from the workplace injury you sustained. If you are not fluent in English, have someone translate for you to ensure the doctor understands and records all your complaints.

If you do not have someone with you who can translate, ask the doctor to use a translation service. Most doctors have access to a dial-in translation service. Finally, contact an experienced attorney. A personal injury lawyer will give you additional advice to maximize your compensation if you sustained a workplace injury.