Queens Car Accident Attorney

Queens car accident attorneys

An experienced Queens car accident attorney will be able to get you what you deserve. At The Platta Law Firm, we have helped many victims through these situations. Car accidents in Queens can often lead to tragedy. Overall, Queens has the highest number of people injured in car accidents each year. Queens is behind Brooklyn for highest number of car accident deaths, but only by a minimal amount. There’s roughly 17,000 people injured and killed each year in car accidents in Queens.

The best Queens car accident attorney will be able to investigate your case thoroughly and quickly. A lot of details need to be collected such as witness testimonials, and camera footage for evidence. It is crucial that all this information is collected in the correct manner and with precision to keep all records preserved with no room for error. In addition to a thorough investigation, a quality car accident attorney will make sure that your no-fault benefits are firmly in place.

No-Fault Benefits

In an accident, no-fault benefits will most likely be paying both medical bills and your lost wages during the duration of your case. It is of the utmost importance that your attorney makes sure that the sometimes-confusing no-fault forms are filled out completely and accurately so that you will receive all the benefits you will need for you and your family. The attorney’s at The Platta Law Firm will be hands on and will guide you throughout the entire process patiently. When choosing an attorney, it is important to find a law firm who stays current and has the expertise to properly guide you and your family. This is true whether the accident results in a tragic death or a permanent and lasting injury.

A distracted driver can be the cause of accidents especially with the use of cellphones. People nowadays are so in tune with either texting, using the radio, making a call, or GPS. Every month there are nearly 30,000 accidents at New York City intersections with an estimated 30% are from distracted drivers.

Types of Collisions

Rear- End collisions are also some of the most common accidents there are. Many victims do not see this type of accident coming and can experience mild to severe injuries. If you were in a read end crash, it is important to have an experienced Rear-end collision attorney help you retrieve proper compensation. Sideswipe Crashes most commonly happen when one vehicle crosses over to another section of the road and swipes another car. These types of accidents can cause major injuries because there is less protection. The Queens car accident lawyers at The Platta Law Firm have had many victories in settling cases such as these.

Many New Yorkers are constantly driving while under the influence. Drunk Driving accidents are of the leading causes of death and major injuries in New York and all of the United States. Drunk Driving isn’t an accident, it is a choice made by the driver, they are negligent. The vehicle operator is not in the correct mind state to be behind the wheel and is putting themselves and everyone on the road at risk. The victim of a car crash with a drunk driver is forced to face injuries, and large medical expenses. The Platta Law Firm and our Queens Car Accident Attorneys represent many victims of Drunk Driving Accidents.

Often, these traumatic experiences can deter people from seeking professional legal help. Plenty of individuals going through an accident life event may not even claim or report the accident just to avoid going through a complicated process with an attorney. The Platta Law Firm brings an attentive, non-complex, family-like environment to make the victim feel as comfortable as possible to seek reparations. Contact us if you find yourself in need of legal assistance.

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