Laurence Rogers

What do you like most about your job?

Knowing that my work can have real-life impacts for people’s livelihoods is really the fuel that keeps me going. The profession of law sometimes gets a bad knack for being somewhat mundane and tedious, but I see it much differently. Each case brings with it new opportunities to learn about the types of accidents that occur right outside my office and how they play out in the courtroom. It is to my advantage to have a passion for what I do, because every detail of a case is another piece to the puzzle I try to solve.

I like to get to know each one of my clients and understand how their life is affected after the accident they had. Maybe I can’t bring back some of the abilities they used to have, but I can guarantee that they will be properly compensated for anything they lose out on, that’s my job.

What do you like least?

Unfortunately, not every case gets it fair deal of justice. It saddens me to get a call for a case which I know is serious, but it happened so long ago that our justice system no longer recognizes it. Many times, people are scared to report cases out of fear, like losing their jobs, or being sued for trying. The truth of the matter is, these are mostly myths, purposely created to restrict victims from taking any action. Sometimes, I wish I could reverse back time to get some of these cases their respective due time, but statues are statutes, and we can only do so much.

How would you describe your approach to a case?

Read, research, and repeat. I am as keen of a writer as I am a reader, and I can’t say how many times I read over a case to get the facts memorized. Once I take on a case, I become engrossed in it. I don’t hesitate to question any uncertainties in a case, and I don’t doubt how many tricks the defense will have up their sleeve. I go over everything in my head and present it to my team of attorneys for assurance.

NYC Personal Injury Attorney - Laurance Rogers

Laurence Rogers, Esq.


Bar Admissions:

  • State of New York
  • United States District Courts for the Eastern and Southern Districts of New York


  • Villanova University School of Law | 1998