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Ladder Accident at New York School

It is typical for defendants to try to avoid responsibilities in construction accidents. When this happens, there is only one choice for an injured worker, take the defendants to trial, with a law firm he can trust.


Forklift Accident Lawyer

A forklift is an essential construction machine used to move materials at construction sites but they are also extremely dangerous as they can overturn or run over a person, causing severe bodily injuries.


Construction Accident Settlements

In this article, you will read about the steps to take in regards to receiving a construction accident settlement. Gathering key evidence will be a major contributor to proving your case correctly. The right legal team will be able to complete a thorough investigation and come to the conclusion of how to proceed with your case


Fall Accidents On Construction Sites

In this article you will learn that the most common accident at a construction site is falling. Construction workers need to have specific safety precautions that are met before being able to work. The general contractor or construction site owner will need to make sure that these safety measure are actually implemented.


A Guide to New York Labor Laws

For many workers in the construction industry, when they get into an accident at a job site, they are not sure of their rights. Read this and learn about New Yorks labor laws.


Hand Saw Accidents

In New York there are many construction sites that require the use of a saw. Saw accidents are more common that you would imagine. It is imperative to have the right legal team behind you if you ever find yourself in a saw accident.


Trench Collapse Accidents

With over 300 trench collapse accidents per year, construction workers need to be cautious when working around trenches. A trench collapse is usually fatal or can result in serious injuries.


Welding Accident Lawyers

Welder’s flash is the most common injury a welder faces in this occupation. Eye injuries, skin burns, and toxic inhalation are all potential outcomes of welding accidents.

Wall Collapse Lawyer

Wall Collapse Lawyer

Finding the right wall collapse lawyer will be the most important decision to make in such an accident. The Legislature enacted New York State Labor


Dog Bite Lawyer

A New York City Lawyer is representing a young dog bite victim who’s only 11 years old. A dog bit off the victim’s face. This