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Workers Comp Shoulder Injury

Workers Compensation Shoulder Injury Settlements

This article discusses what insurance carriers will look at in valuing your workers compensation shoulder injury case for settlement. Learn what factors matter and how an attorney can potentially add value to your shoulder injury case.

workers comp hearing

What happens during a workers comp hearing?

Understanding what happens during a workers comp hearing is crucial to achieving a positive outcome in the case. This article discusses what to expect during a hearing at the Workers’ Compensation Board.


Workers Comp Injury

When the carrier denies a workers comp injury, adding the injury to a case can be a difficult task. This article discusses what an injured worker must know about adding an injury or condition to the case.


Workers Compensation Claim Process

Every injured worker eligible for workers’ compensation benefits should know his or her rights. This article will discuss some of the things every injured worker should know about the workers’ compensation claim process.


Elevator Accident Lawyer

Elevator accidents are more common than you think! A man tragically died in his own apartment building by being crushed in an elevator shaft. There are tons of violations given out every year for elevator violations. Make sure you are aware of safety precautions that are taken in elevators that you frequent.

Workers Comp Surgery

Workers Comp Surgery

This article explains what the injured worker needs to know about workers comp surgery. It discusses the impact of a surgery on a case and what steps the worker and insurance carrier will take after surgery.

MTA Injury Lawyer

MTA Injury Lawyer

Taking mass transportation in NYC can be a risky business. This article discusses the standard an MTA injury lawyer will argue in a slip and fall accident.


Workers Comp Process

This article discusses the workers comp process and what the injured worker should expect. From medical record requirement, to witnesses. The worker should be familiar with criteria and deadlines.