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I was involved in a multi vehicle car accident in the Bronx. It all happened so fast. Now I am getting calls from insurance adjusters and I am just

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13 January 2015

Car accidents happen in an instant. When a two car collision occurs determining who is at fault is easier than when a multi vehicle car accident occurs.  Determining fault in that situation can often be like trying to solve a complex mathematical equation: what “factor” happened first and which party is liable for what injuries and damage.  And what “variable” must be considered like speeding of one party or weather conditions at the time of the crash.

The most important thing for you to take care of first is yourself.  Make sure that you get the necessary treatment for your injuries as soon as you can. 

The next thing to do is to make sure you have properly notified your insurance carrier of the accident.   This is very important and should be done by you or some one on your behalf as soon as practicable. 

What you do not have to worry about is getting treatment for your injuries.  New York is a “no-fault” accident state, meaning that your own insurance policy will cover your treatment for economic loss (doctor’s, PT, etc.) up to your policy limits.  And if your injuries are severe enough to meet the statute for bringing a lawsuit (called the serious injury “threshold”), then you can look for non-economic compensation (pain and suffering, etc.) over and above your no-fault coverage.  

There are many different scenarios for multi vehicle accidents and often the negligence of one party causes a chain reaction resulting in a pile up and multiple injuries to all involved.  One of the hardest things to determine is who pays for the injuries of the other parties.  

Many times in a multi vehicle accident each party can bear a bit of negligence for the situation.  For example, maybe one party was speeding and lost control of their vehicle hitting a car and forcing them in to the car in front.  While it seems clear that the speeding driver caused the initial impact and will bear a majority of the liability, the driver of the first car may claim that the driver of the second car was “following too closely” under the Vehicle and Traffic law and so that driver will also bear some liability for the injuries sustained by the driver or passenger(s) of vehicle number one.  

When we begin a lawsuit on your behalf we take in to account the fact that it will take time to comb through all the information obtained during the discovery process and weed out the truth. Sometimes there can be a criminal investigation associated with the crash if one of the parties was driving under the influence of alcohol or another drug or if there is a death that occurred in the collision. 

Not only are there multiple parties involved in this accident but along with them are the multiple insurance carriers and more attorneys than you thought possible, each pointing the finger at the other.  You will most likely be a defendant and a plaintiff in lawsuits stemming from the same accident. We are involved with every aspect of your case as a plaintiff and in keeping in touch with the attorney hired by your carrier to defend you.

We here at the Platta Law Firm make sure that we are thorough and do the necessary investigation in to the facts of your case.  We hire the experts necessary to make facts the crystal clear to a present them to a jury.   We help you solve that equation.  Call us.  We are here to help.

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